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Shame on you, Christina’s Court…

May 11, 2009

…for displaying a disgusting and quite frankly bewildering lack of priorities and morals.

I admit, I have occasionally found myself watching these court room programs, Judge Judy, The People’s Court, Christina’s Court etc. I suppose you could call it a guilty pleasure (guilty…heh). Because I certainly don’t watch them in order to gain knowledge or support the cause of liberty and justice for all. These programs give so-called “judges” a nice little paycheck to take advantage of vulnerable people, parading and ridiculing them like freaks for all the nation to laugh at. The idea that any of these Mock Trials could win an award is laughable, but somehow it happened. And it says a lot about our society…

Christina’s Court is the paragon of TV virtue that recently took home an Emmy (and they wonder why no one watches these awards shows anymore). Now in recent days, Christina’s Court never fails to remind you of the honor bestowed upon it, as though constantly needing to justify its very existence in our lives.

Why am I being so hard on this particular program? Normally I would just let it go (or change the freakin channel), but today I felt I had to speak out. ‘Judge’ Christina has made it clear time and again that is Pro-Choice. Now she has the right to her opinion, and I’m sure she thinks she’s doing the right thing. However, let’s take a look at what her version of ‘doing the right thing’ has led to.

In today’s trial (heh, I mean episode), the case brought before ‘Judge’ Christina was of a woman who had failed to pay back a friend for helping to pay for her abortion.

Let me repeat this. A woman was pregnant (That is, “having a child developing in the body” (  And she made the difficult decision to have an abortion (As in a procedure performed “in order to end a pregnancy (”  

So wait, if pregnancy is the state of “having a child developing in the body” and abortion is a procedure done “in order to end a pregnancy“, then abortion would essentially be defined as ending the state of having a child in the body. Or, to put it even more compactly, ending the child.Ending”…well that’s a nice euphemism for something else…

In order for Pro-choice activists to correct this issue, they’d have to next advocate to change the definition of “pregnancy.” What a fascinating world we would life in, if being pregnant no longer meant having a child. “Hi, yes I am pregnant, don’t know why, my body just got bigger one day! By the way, my kid was asking me how babies were born…and frankly I’m stuck!”

Anyway, this woman turned to a friend’s boyfriend and asked him to help pay for her abortion. He did so, and now he’s in court because the woman has been slow in paying him back.

Now let me repeat this…A man offered this woman $money$ (As in, “gold, silver, or other metal…issued as a medium of exchange and measure of value” ( In exchange for his generosity, an abortion took place (as we’ve already deduced, the ‘ending’ of a child).

Now this man is angry, and this woman is on trial. Why? Is it because…

A. They participated in the tragic and difficult decision of ‘ending’ a child?
B. The law states that ‘ending’ a child is a crime.
C. The man wants his money.

If you guessed C, congratulations you have a keen and penetrating understanding of how our materialistic nation and capitalistic government functions. Throughout the trial/episode, it is clear where our priorities are. We hear about $money$. The $money$ that was offered, the $money$ that is owed, the $money$ that should be awarded. What about the tragedy of the woman losing the chance to be a mother? What about the tragedy of a child’s life coming to and ‘end?’  Heh, sorry bub, you’re in the wrong country for that…

And what of our esteemed, Emmy award winning ‘Judge’ Christina? At the very beginning of the trial/episode, the young woman (the one that owes the $money$) explains that normally she is morally against abortion in any form. From ‘Judge’ Christina we hear not a word. No “well that’s your right” or “I have to respect your beliefs.” Nothing, just silence. (Ok, to be fair, shows like this are created in an editing room and you really can’t tell what reactions she might have had. It’s very comforting to know that nothing on this show about the law is real, yes?)

Even when ‘Judge’ Christina does talk, it’s not much better. She proceeds to scold the young woman and make her feel guilty. Not for choosing abortion when she could have chosen adoption. Not for claiming to be against abortion, only to go ahead and do it. No, our illustrious ‘Judge’ makes the young woman feel guilty…for not paying back the $money$.

She offers up such gems as, “Don’t you think it was nice of him to do that for you?” or “Not paying back the money…that’s not a very responsible thing to do.”



EXCUSE ME? Look, whether you’re Pro-life or Pro-choice, you have to see the insanity here. This young woman claimed to have gotten pregnant “against her will.” She felt uncomfortable telling her parents. After some thinking, she felt she had no other choice but to go ahead with an abortion. Despite being Pro-life, I honestly sympathized with this woman’s plight. Not to mention the child whose life has “ended” so early.  And ‘Judge’ Christina is ranting on about the responsibility of repaying money?

Well, long after the money has been repaid and long after it has been spent again by the “nice” young man, the woman will still have to live with her decision. She said she was interested in starting her “own” family soon (apparently family is something you get to pick and choose at the mall). If she intends to raise her “own” children with the belief that abortion is wrong, she should be prepared for her “own” children to be very confused. Abortion is wrong but let’s not think about the brother or sister you don’t have today. And if you do have an abortion, be sure to pay your benefactor back! 😉

When Pro-choice activists advocated for the rights of women to make their own decisions regarding pregnancy, I doubt this is what they had in mind. For money to become more important than both the woman and the child. But this is what happens when you decided life is expendable. Other things, like money, become more important. What was that definition of money again? Bits of medal “issued as a measure of value.” Well it’s clear just where our values stand. Good job, activists.

Judge’ Christina’s original theme at the start of the show was “She takes the law into her own heart” (it has since been altered since she received her Emmy…heh). I hope she and her heart are very happy…$money$ and all.

Still, I hear her program has recently been cancelled. As a human being, I honestly wish her luck and the best. But I think our society is better off…


Shame on Dr. Phil

March 3, 2009

…for his questionable advice to families on how to responsibly save your money during this economic recession. Time and again, Dr. Phil’s favorite mantra is “don’t buy it if you can’t afford it.” Sounds good and helpful in theory, especially in these treacherous times. But today, I think his lesson took a rather disturbing turn.

It began with suggestions on how families can still have fun on a tight budget. They seemed harmless and friendly enough: board games, bowling, backyard camping, miniature golf.

I want to be clear, I do understand the need to save money right now.  Now is the time to be responsible and conscious of our actions, not recklessly spending our fast disappearing money.

But my question is, where in these “family fun time suggestions” do we find Culture? Education? Exposure to the world? Nowhere, for Dr. Phil  labels such things as trips to a museum as unrealistic luxuries.

Now of course, museums have become increasingly more expensive and sadly, more unrealistic for many families. Working and middle class families, by their economic nature, struggle for what they have. They struggle in order to keep their homes and feed their children. But also, to give their children the possibility and hope of a better life. The hope and dream that their child will someday have the chance, the opportunity to visit museums, learn about history and admire works of art.

But Dr. Phil didn’t encourage that dream. His attitude, and the attitude of his guests, was to cheerfully put aside thoughts of museum trips…and gear up for nights at the bowling alley.

Even worse, Dr. Phil’s guests gleefully speak of finding excellent bargain foods and cheaper jeans at, what else, the ubiquitous WalMart. Dr. Phil shouts the praises of his grand establishment because they are kind enough to carry his book. Nevermind WalMart is more than notorious for exploiting its workers and carrying products made my underpaid Chinese labor. Such as those fabulously inexpensive lead-based toys that ended up killing our children (but at least we saved money right?).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing bowling nor scoffing at people for wisely trying to save during these difficult economic times. I’m saying our children deserve the chance to have choices. Bowling one day, maybe museum the next (Dr. Phil neglected to mention local Museums outside the cities that are just as enjoyable and much less costly). 

And what of those other “family fun suggestions?” Well, I’m sure families living in Brooklyn or Queens would be all too thrilled with the concept of backyard camping…

What I’m saying is, our government, and our society have failed us. The wealth of our nation is distributed to a wealthy few (which, heh, include our own Dr. Phil) and kept away from the working and middle classes, who must continue to struggle in the supposedly richest nation in the world.

We should be annoyedthat our children can’t visit the dinosaurs at The Museum of Natural History or the Temple of Dendur at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We should be encouraging them to visit their local libraries and get a love of literature and art. Not merrily settling for weekends at the bowling alley. But then, Dr. Phil doesn’t have to worry about that, does he?

I don’t think Dr.Phil means any harm, I think he’s honestly trying to provide a service to families during this crisis. But, as my own father put it, he should be fighting for economic justice, not just teaching us how to be contented cogs in the wheel.