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Prayers for Bobby: Much Appreciated

January 25, 2009

On a topic that also falls under the category of rights and compassion, I want to give a quick shout out to a recent Lifetime movie, Prayers for Bobby. This told the tragic true story of a young man who, tormented by his parents’ rejection of his homosexuality and filled with despair, finally committed suicide in 1982.

I appreciate the many lessons this show had to offer. Parents and children may disagree; that’s part of being a family. But parents should take care to make sure their child never feels abandoned or unloved, or have their self esteem tarnished. Children in turn remember they are loved, by family, friends or God, even during hard times.

I’m also relieved that this story reflected my own view that the Bible is a thing to be interpreted and understood, not simply read. As the show wisely points out, “God doesn’t mind questions” and never underestimate his compassion. 🙂 Finally, I applaud this show for showing the pain and guilt suicide leaves behind in its wake. Life is painful, but as long as you keep going, as long as you are stronger than the pain, there is still hope. In the words of Prayers for Bobby, “don’t stop trying.”

Lifetime, good job. 😉